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Darby Hudson

100 POINTS OF ID TO PROVE I DON'T EXIST - paperback poetry book

100 POINTS OF ID TO PROVE I DON'T EXIST - paperback poetry book

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71 pp.
Independently published 2021.

"Like the best kind of philosopher, Darby Hudson shrugs off pretence and formality to wander (and wonder) into the heart of things, into the restless ache of emptiness and its surprising consolations. It’s all here — a bird’s nest found in a bluestone alley, accidental text messages, the sky “like a skeleton of stars”, a magical dream crow, transformative and intimate grief. These poems “drive the car through the front window/and loot the place”, but always with tenderness."

Andy Jackson, author of Music Our Bodies Can’t Hold

"As a Laureate of the brilliantly mundane, Darby Hudson transmutes the droll, the greyscale, and the humanly everyday into an epiphanic, technicoloured poetry. These ‘accidental prayer[s]’ not only register but also homage the birds, strangers, cats, non-strangers, normative social practices, stars, et al. These poems are an essential account, worshipfully crafted, and Hudson’s methodologies — charm, humility, insistent curiosity — deliver a book of careworn magic."

Dan Disney, author of Either, Orpheus

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