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Darby Hudson

A MOUNTAIN OF TINY COURAGES - poetry, paperback (2022)

A MOUNTAIN OF TINY COURAGES - poetry, paperback (2022)

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A third collection of poetry by writer/illustrator Darby Hudson (2022).

"What Keeps you from the ledge? A person? A place? A poem? Darby Hudson's work does just that. A reason to continue. To be understood. Just by his words."

-Alexander Calvert, actor, Supernatural

"Darby Hudson's poems are radical in the sense that they are companionable, eager to communicate with the reader, and to celebrate humanity in all of its dimensions, textures, and states of being. You won't find those qualities in most contemporary poetry, which is laden with the intentionally obscure and preciously inscrutable. It's about time poetry became good company again, a feat fully realized by A Mountain of Tiny Courages."

-Joseph Massey, author of Rosary Made of Air



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