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Darby Hudson

All my books - digital download bundle (save $10)

All my books - digital download bundle (save $10)

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Working Nine Lives (2024)

We're All Weird, Everyone's Pretending (2023)

Waste Your Life To The Fullest (poetry, 2023)

A Mountain Of Tiny Courages (poetry, 2022)

100 Points of ID To Prove I Don't Exist (poetry, 2020)

Falling Upwards (poetry, 2019)

Confetti Tornado (illustrated poems)

UM (self help for creatives)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ryan Mattingly
Just what I wanted

Having recently discovered Darby’s work, I was excited to find that his digital collection was up for immediate download. It was literally as simple as following a link to obtain my purchase. Amazing. Thank you Darby!

So glad I found these books.

In these days of horror/wonder it’s so lovely to come across a book that stops you in your tracks and makes you momentarily realise it’s all a game. A horrible, weird, funny, but amazing game. Life. lol.

Beautiful, funny, poignant, brilliant.

I treated myself to Darby's complete collection of e-books as a Boxing Day gift to myself and spent the Christmas break savoring every one like a delicious chocolate. Spacing them out, so as not to gobble them all at once and regret scoffing them too quickly lest be left with none.
I honestly loved every book. Some of my favourite poems were "Nature", "Explain away the magic" (which I still think about weeks later), "She was a Pisces", "We are all pretending" and "I once worked in a bank" (relatable if you've ever had a rip-off crap glance from a CEO).
I don't often understand people, but I do understand cats, so these books are for me ... and I'm sure they're for you too.

Perfectly captures the quiet, small moments of this bizarre thing called life

Randomly saw Mr. Hudson on social media reading some of his work and was instantly intrigued. I love the watercolor artwork in "Confetti Tornado." I will enjoy referring back to the poems often. Keep doing what you're doing, Mr. Hudson.

anna wallace
I read Confetti and that was it. Had to have ALL THE BOOKS :)

I cant get enough of this mans words.Saw him on TikTok originaly and got curious.Read Confetti and that was it.Utterly addicted now.