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Darby Hudson

FALLING UPWARDS - poetry, digital download (2019)

FALLING UPWARDS - poetry, digital download (2019)

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Falling Upwards (2019)

64 pages
Published 2019, Five Island Press (University of Melbourne).

'Falling Upwards' is my debut anthology of poetry. Close to 50 poems and published by Five Island Press (University of Melbourne), 2019. Poems have previously been included in Best Australian Poems, Meanjin, Cordite, Australian Poetry Journal, Quadrant, 2nd Prize Fellowship of Australian writers QLD Literary competition, and the Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology

"As we battle through the clutter and confusion of our lives, there are poets like Darby Hudson, gently and carefully crafting words that deeply resonate, amuse and so often help us heal from the chaos of this modern world. This collection is a sublime array of personal and melancholic observations of everyday life. In so many of these glorious little gems, he effortlessly manages to draw beauty and profundity from the minutia of daily existence. This is an enriching and balanced compendium that will make you glow, smile and at times, wallow in the soothing pleasures that melancholy can bring."
- Adam Elliot (Academy Award Winner, Harvie Krumpet)

"These are the poems of a tightrope walker who dares to look all the way down while we look up and marvel at his somersaults of perception—dizzying, tragicomic and moving."
- Paul Lynch (Winner, Irish Novelist of the Year, 2019)

"Night waking, public transport, birds, cats, shoes, watches, skin: this is Darby Hudson, poet of otherwise lost moments, with a first collection that’s existential, sly, quick, surprising, and smart as paint."
- Lisa Gorton, (Rhodes Scholar)

"Like sitting with a best friend in a bar on a winter night. These pages are the snow outside the window and these words are fire words. This is a book to keep you alive."
- Oliver Mol

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Customer Reviews

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What a relief

Darby's poems feel like an exhale. My partner said the pages mirror the secret thoughts they dare not show their friends and loved ones. I feel similarly, an honest balm for the irritation of the pageantry of empty modern days.

I sent one of Darby's poems to an old boss getting a divorce. He said it paired well with whiskey.

Dare I say, Darby Hudson is a soon to be widely beloved bogan Bukowski?