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Darby Hudson

Large Art Postcards Series 3, (bundle of 10, size A5)

Large Art Postcards Series 3, (bundle of 10, size A5)

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Collection of 10 (A5 size) illustrated poems.
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DeadKissed Trish
One bundle is not enough

I learned two things about myself when I received the postcards: First, I realized that one bundle wasn't enough, since I had actually ordered them to send/give as gifts, but wanted to keep them myself. Secondly, that I do find space for all the postcards, just not at the same time.

Lauren Jensen
Heart-felt Poetry Art

Beauty-Full collection of heartfelt arty poems. High quality, great price - gift for myself. Why not! I took great delight in hanging on my walls for all to read, ponder, relax and follow the minds landscape to find that bit of extra joy hidden in the day. Thank you Darby ..

Looking forward to my next purchase. LJ

marion joy
memories stored in trees and spoken whimsy

Darby's hand painted words simultaneously assault and sooth your soul. His boredom and fascination cause a human reaction in the familiar, that resonates towards the window full of stars at the back of his dark forest.

A difficult sleepy truth can be found in these poetry mind dumps.. that make you ask "what is life anyway?" .. it must be made out of Darby's thin air dreams. And thank the black cat and a soft pillow for that. Because these dreams resonate.

Just perfect

This collection was my Christmas gift to myself this year, and will brighten up my office. High quality, quick delivery, very fair price.

Helene Artz
an artwork disguised as a card

I recently travelled back home to spend time with family and friends. I bought these cards from Darby to take with, just in case I wanted to give someone a special note.

They were the perfect gift! Each one unique, and different to anything you can find in a regular shop.
Somehow each individual message applied to each special visit and friend, making them the perfect gift/ artwork.

They are so lovely and could easily be turned into an artwork, just add is a frame and viola!