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Darby Hudson

UM - self help book for creatives (paperback)

UM - self help book for creatives (paperback)

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UM: Things I've Learned About Creativity And Poetry


UM is a sideways self-help book for creatives.

Filled with illustrated quotes, ideas and exercises to fire your creativity (or reignite your passion)!

From the introduction

"I titled this book “UM” because I don't really know. And also, because the word itself gives birth to thoughts and ideas - and this whole book. I usually have to say 100 Ums to get one Ah!

I’ve always found it fascinating when an artist talks about the type of pen they use, or the kind of blank paper they stare at, the times they create and don’t. And even though it’s part of their creative process, it also gives nothing away." Here too, I give everything away. And nothing at all."

Why Did I write This?

UM gathers hard-won insight from my own learning and practice across 25 years of creating professionally, featuring in Best Australian Poems, lecturing at Deakin University in creativity, and writing myself out of life's dark corners. UM is also a distillation of the "best bits" from my podcast on creativity, Blah Di Da

Comes with eBook illustrated poetry collection:
CONFETTI TORNADO (illustrated poetry, 2022) - instant download (PDF).


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