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Darby Hudson

WORKING NINE LIVES - paperback, poetry (2024)

WORKING NINE LIVES - paperback, poetry (2024)

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"Never check your reflection at work. It's like waking mid-surgery and your spirit will go into shock"

WORKING NINE LIVES is a collection based on my viral TikTok videos on the cult of nine-to-five.

  • Paperback
  • Prose-poetry

  • A job recruiter once said to me, "Darby, you keep getting thrown into the air like a cat and landing on your feet". So began the rambles in my head that became this bunch of sideways takes where I crap on about: tips to save your soul in full time work; the joy of quitting your job; hiding in work toilets; the strangeness of work meetings; and finding hope outside the day job... based on my experiences working in offices to warehouses over 30 years.

    You can find some of my work that has inspired the book here:
    TikTok @darbyhudson6

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