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Darby Hudson

WORKING NINE LIVES - paperback, poetry (2024)

WORKING NINE LIVES - paperback, poetry (2024)

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"Never check your reflection at work. It's like waking mid-surgery and your spirit will go into shock"

WORKING NINE LIVES is a collection based on my viral TikTok and Instagram videos (over 5 million views as spoken word) on the cult of nine-to-five, art and culture.
  • Paperback
  • 94 pages
  • Prose-poetry
  • Worldwide delivery

A job recruiter once said to me, "Darby, you keep getting thrown into the air like a cat and landing on your feet". So began the rambles in my head that became this bunch of sideways brain-monkeys where I crap on about: tips to save your soul in full time work; the joy of quitting your job; hiding in work toilets; the strangeness of work meetings; and finding hope outside the day job... through art. Based on my experiences working in offices to warehouses over 30 years. Also a little on the pursuit of dreams outside of work, art and culture.

Here you can find some of my work that has inspired the book on TikTok

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Customer Reviews

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Qualia Reed
One of my fave modern poets

Darby is making incredible art. I love the existentilism and absurdism of his work. If you haven't watched his videos of him reading it definitely do it. He's as good live as on the paper. These words just speak to me and I honestly rave about his work a lot I think he's one of the best poets writing today.

caiti berends
Great book + Great costumer Service

Great costumer service when it had been awhile and my order still had not arrived. Love the insights and humor in the book. I think Darby makes a lot of really good points and observations that are generally ignored by society and though at times it made me sad, the truthfulness was refreshing.

Steven Atherton

WORKING NINE LIVES - paperback, poetry (2024)


It makes sense of a world that doesn’t seem to make sense. And it does so in a way that makes you believe there’s another route.


just please sit alone somewhere and read in through someones large and simple ideas of the world. really is quite good for you. highly recommend this one to put your worries of selfhood to rest. we all wonder.